Bridge to the Nations


ICARE is now accepting Applications for the ICARE 2020 Medical team in Huining, Gansu Province, China (JUNE 14-21, 2020). Please Apply to Join online.

Also, please read the IMPORTANT NEW CHANGES TO THE TEAM APPLICATION PROCESS (these are new for the 2020 teams) and the ICARE CODE OF CONDUCT. It is important that all Applicants read these new changes before applying.
We are considering, but have not confirmed, an August 2020 medical team. Please visit our site again later to confirm if we will schedule a medical team for August 2020.

Other Initiatives:
  • Ongoing village Health Education for patients with chronic health conditions.
  • Ongoing care for orphans and foster children in several orphanages, and over 100 destitute elderly without family to care for them.
  • Special Needs Education program year-round for children with disabilities and who cannot attend public school.